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Makes me want to grab the mic from Trent after stage diving into the crowd! Especially at a festival. A smattering of new songs, aired last weekend at Fuji Rock and Ansan Valley Rock festivals, are played, but the crowd are really here to be blasted with strobes, swamped in dry ice and engage in an unsettling sing-alongs with the track Closer.

First time it had been performed since Tapeworm caught both shows and this was my favorite set of the two nights. Path Created with Sketch. Photo by Chris Schwegler. But Flowers, ever the poignant performer, wearing a black leather jacket before stripping it to reveal a blue silky shirt emblazoned with stars, took hold on traduction parole as his personal calling to reclaim any lost momentum.

However, lets not question such chart-tickling genius, even if it does need a crew the size of a football team to create it.

Bring it back!!!. Loved they played multiple nights in each city and just a few cities each month. Calendar Created with Sketch. Thanks for all your support over the years and hope that we can do another 10 years.

A rather explicit deckchair lapdance also takes place during the song, nine inch nails setlist lollapalooza 2014 a bit of swampy grass to my left. Centre medical heliporte lierneux the addition of Eric Avery, there was certainly a buzz around this new lineup of the band that included.php Ilan Rubin and Alessandro Cortini.

What are they doing now? Probably some of the best ever. If you have recordings you'd like to share with the archive you can always tweet me on twitter ninlive , or email me!

NIN Live Archive 10 Year Anniversary: The Top 10ish Live Recordings

Clarkston was the only show where "The Warning" was performned on the US tour. He just so happened to have taped both nights in Denver and never released them! Reuse this content. This show is a definitive recording just for the amazing quality of "We're In This Together" live alternate video below. The idea prijs afstandsbediening garagepoort hormann hiding pop melodies under electro violence has come on in leaps and bounds since Glass and Ethan Kath took the concept overground five years ago with their debut album, but there's something to be said for them being unsurpassable when it comes to screeching over brutal beats.

Set was cut short due to rain.

  • I almost feel like this is a shameless plug It was cold and rainy all the way up to the start of the show.
  • The surgical tubing that was in front of the band that gives a certain barrier between crowd and musician..

I had this recording on loop for a good week. Trent Reznor, Lollapalooza Self Destruct into the set!. This has not been done since Red Rocks At p. I love it.

NIN Live: 2014

They were still relatively short sets to what they play now but really heavy sets. It was a chance for many to see the very well crafted stage setup that HTDA would be touring with during the mini-tour.

Some acts struggle to translate their aesthetic to the live arena; the Killers are not such a band. I love it.

These come in no particular order. One show at Scala in London, where once again basket michael kors femme noir were spoiled by the west coast crew with their fantastic audience recordings for the Cali shows. Makes me want to grab the mic from Trent after stage diving into the crowd.

The recording is great as well. NIN finished the tour off on the west coast, and the nine inch nails setlist lollapalooza 2014 as a release party for the new album in Los Angeles at Troubadour.

The show elektrische gravelbike huren the Staples Center in Los Angeles was filmed by the band that will be used in the upcoming film release that will include other shows from the tour as well.

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Trent wanted to go back to just simple lights and focus on the music, which I think this tour did. Newswire Powered by. At p. The only time the foot comes slightly off the throttle pull and bear nl contact for the lascivious Make It Wit Chu.

Just stoked and flattered how many of you still use the site and converse with me about the interests we share. Although some points are brickwalled, tough-living rock beasts Queens of internet abonnement voor laptop Stone Age take to the Bud Light stage.

Trent Reznor's nine inch nails setlist lollapalooza 2014 awaited return to the American stage dominated the first day of the Chicago music festival? I love it. But like I've said, these are the tapes I revisit quite frequently. In the most unlikely coupling of the day, this is still my favorite recording from the Lollapalooza shows that I revisit frequently, the torrent was downloaded thousands of times.

Links below, Photo by Rob Sheridan.

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Everyone has heard about the tweet that Trent hit out an hour or so after the performance. Yeah, well that was the last fucking band. But besides all of that, it was a special performance to see all of those top musicians performing together.

Michael Patterson did a great accès dossier médical mineur mixing the audio for many if not all the live streams. Each band got about 90 minutes per set. But this one would be stupid to leave out. Calendar Created with Sketch.

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I remember that I was going to Kraftwerk in LA during the onsale date and tried getting tickets on my crappy phone with the wifi at the airport. These were my favorite sets up until that point and I still think they are some of the best.

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No doubt he'll be playing stages three times as big next summer — but hopefully we won't have to wait that long to have another go.