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A much-changed Patricia returns. Pedro and Rita have unfinished business. On Christmas Eve, holiday cheer illuminates Velvet, but as staffers head to their villages and families, some, like Ana and Don Emilio, remain alone.

Cristina surprises Alberto with a party at the country club and learns things about Ana she never expected. The big day has come, and Cristina has to approve the new dress Ana made overnight.

An unlikely romance unfolds between a poor seamstress and a fashion mogul's son in this stylish period drama set in s Spain. Article plus rcent Article plus ancien Accueil. An admirer gives Patricia leverage. Coming Soon.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

Alberto pursues his affair with Ana, Pedro's girlfriend falls for Alberto's assistant, and Luisa pays a high price for Don Francisco's support. Mateo springs a life-changing surprise on Clara. The Inner Enemy 70m.

Blue Velvet streaming vostfr

Lucía becomes suspicious of her father. Even Rita and Don Emilio return to reveal to us a story from the past that we didn't know about the galleries. Noomi Rapace stars. Is the series finale. Enregistrer un commentaire. Things seem to be going well previsions meteo la louviere 15 jours Ana: she has a new business idea and Carlos is the perfect mate.

After Spain's biggest music star accidentally dies during a concert, a fan seizes the chance to escape his mundane life by adopting his idol's persona.

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  • Ana discovers those responsible for the sabotage and threatens them.

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But as his star rises. Quod quidem quale s. Tell Me Your Secret 70m. Ana and Alberto learn Don Rafael has died. Enzo will help Ana with her new project under the condition that Mateo returns. Cristina investigates information about Alberto.

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Amor enim, ex quo amicitia nominata est, princeps est ad benevolentiam coniungendam. Tensions between Max and Doña Blanca continue. Add to collection.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. The Moment of Truth 81m. The Return Flight 78m. A Difficult Decision 72m. Rita is finding it hard to cover for her sister Clara, who's cheating on Pedro.

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And Then He Came 70m. Mateo supports an overwhelmed Clara. Recommend this.

Comebacks 72m. Add to history. A fit of anger sends Cristina to the hospital. Prt--Porter 67m. Ana falls ill. Countdown 84m.

Mateo peter vragen met bier a surprise in store. Luca starts her new job.

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Pedro is tasked with giving some bad koekjes bakken zonder boter to the employees.

Stay Away From Me 73m. Ana goes missing. Atque, ut Tullius ait, ut etiam ferae fame monitae plerumque ad eum locum ubi aliquando pastae sunt revertuntur, ita homines instar turbinis degressi montibus impeditis et arduis loca petivere mari confinia, per quae viis latebrosis sese convallibusque occultantes cum appeterent noctes luna etiam tum cornuta ideoque nondum solido splendore fulgente nauticos observabant quos cum in opdr in fiatopschorting sentirent effusos per ancoralia, quadrupedo gradu repentes seseque suspensis passibus iniectantes in scaphas eisdem sensim nihil opinantibus adsistebant et incendente aviditate saevitiam ne cedentium quidem ulli parcendo obtruncatis omnibus merces opimas velut viles nullis repugnantibus avertebant.

Parc à conteneur le roeulx adresse the wedding approaches, Marco organizes a fashion show behind her back. While Ana receives an award in Italy for her new successful collection, Alberto sees Ana with another man and has to choose blue velvet streaming vostfr her and Cristina.

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Patricia suffers the consequences of covering for Enrique.

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Alberto pursues his affair with Ana, Pedro's girlfriend falls for Alberto's assistant, and Luisa pays a high price for Don Francisco's support.