Welcome to the After Realm!

Welcome to the After Realm Blog!
You can follow the AFTER REALM KICKSTARTER here:
The After Realm is a concept I’ve had for a long time, reaching as far back as 2013! It has gone through several iterations, but it is finally- and will be an on going series, quarterly and double sized! I will be announcing details soon.
For now, you can enjoy the web comic version on Webtoons here:
This is only part of the story, the early years of our hero, Oona Lightfoot. The ongoing series is vastly expanded from this and colored by Taki Soma, my wife and partner on a lot of my projects and an amazing artist and writer in her own rite.

What is the AFTER REALM??


After Realm is about Oona Lightfoot, a young Elf that feels trapped within the safety of her realm shielded from the end of the world outside.  She dreams of becoming a Ranger to reunite with her best friend who was trapped in the apocalyptic landscape of Ragnarok. The Elves safely retreated to their hidden realm of Elfheim.  She discovers the very thing that keeps her from becoming a Ranger is the same thing that makes her a hero. But this is only the beginning. We’ll see the world grow with Oona, from a familiar world of fantasy we all love into new ground, exploring themes and mythologies in a world turned inside out as the series continues. Here are some shots of things to come:

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