Welcome to the After Realm!

Welcome to the After Realm! This is a weekly web comic (though we are starting you out with three pages) created by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Thor, the Mice Templar, Cave Carson and more) and Taki Soma (Rapture, Sinergy, Bitch Planet, Iron Man, United States of Murder Inc and more). Despite some of those titles, After Realm is for all ages!

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What is the AFTER REALM??


After Realm is about Oona Lightfoot, a young Elf that feels trapped within the safety of her realm shielded from the end of the world outside.  She dreams of becoming a Ranger to reunite with her best friend who was trapped in the apocalyptic landscape of Ragnarok. The Elves safely retreated to their hidden realm of Elfheim.  She discovers the very thing that keeps her from becoming a Ranger is the same thing that makes her a hero. But you’ll have to read her tale to discover that with her!